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Namaste! Pavan Meshram here!

Here are answers to all the WHAT’s about me!

What about me?

I’m a 20-something Freelance Television Writer-Producer & Traveler based in Mumbai, India. Basically I am everything that’s Freelance. The story of my life is just like any other Indian: I am an introvert raised in a middle class family setup, went to a convent school, dreamt of becoming Sachin Tendulkar, almost became an engineer but escaped, almost did a 9 to 5 job but escaped again and learnt every possible swear word commuting by Mumbai local trains.

What do I do for a living?

I write, produce and create content for Television and Digital platforms to keep my kitchen running. I’ve had the pleasure of freelancing for some of the leading television networks in India like 9xM, Zoom, Zee TV and Channel V.  That’s where I make my money from.


What makes me travel around?

Vacations or weekend breaks are not an integral part of Indian families. So as I grew up, outings for me would mean going  to Nana-Nani, Chacha-Chachi, Mama-Mami’s houses etc. So being deprived of traveling, the first thing I wanted to do when I started earning was to set out and explore.

Add to it, I am at this age of life when everyone desires for something. 20’s is the time when some want to get themselves sorted, some want to fall in love, some want to get laid, some want to get drunk, some want to get married-raise kids, some want to be the Wolf of Wall Street and some just want to go out, explore, dream and discover. I am one of those who wants to get out-get going. I strongly believe, its only when you get lost that you can find your own self.


What made me start this blog?

I don’t have one specific reason for starting this blog. Actually I have three.

Number one is to share my travel stories and help other travelers plan their trips. Through Desi Onboard, I will share details & experiences of places I have visited or plan to visit; how to get to a particular destination, where to stay, where to eat, where NOT to eat, where to shop, where to get laid, where to get drunk, where to get stoned and a hell lot of useful advice which you will definitely owe me a Beer for;-)

Secondly, I started blogging to get disciplined. In the past, I’ve started a number of blogs on blogspot and wordpress but all of them died a premature death due to my consistently inconsistent posting. So thanks to my love for travel, this time, I got more responsible, made a plan, bought a domain, got a hosting plan, floated this travel site with an aim to never let it drown. You see, I am a fickle minded Gemini. I don’t tend to stick to one thing for too long. But with Desi Onboard, I want to prove otherwise.

Lastly, I got this blogsite up and running to beat my shyness and express myself. As I mentioned above, I’m an introvert. I can be more expressive in front of a keyboard than in front of a bunch of people. I can be expressive more through written words than through spoken ones.


What’s with the ‘Desi’ in Desi Onboard?

The ‘Desi’ in Desi Onboard is for my hard rooted Indianess; taking cheap vacations, limitless bargaining and planning travels way-way-way in advance – To save that extra buck.

What are my travel plans?

I have traveled through India, but soon I intend to travel across South East Asia, before heading westward. Through my blog, I aim at helping travelers plan their trips cheaper and better. Cheap for me don’t mean bad toilets or untidy quilts. I make sure, even though my travels are on a shoestring budget, I still have a well pampered outing.


And before I sign off!

On an ending note, Desi Onboard is also for those, who want to travel but end up screwing vacations for either work, finance, relationships or any God damn personal reason. For all those people out there, who have a desire to explore the world, my message is, get out and get going. Just like your Windows PC needs defragmenting for a better performance, same way your life needs a vacation to reboot and start afresh. You will never regret taking break! The world is going to Mars, you could atleast go to Mauritius!:-) And if that still doesn’t inspire you, then keep reading the experiences I share here and maybe, out of pure jealously, you might just start backpacking soon;-)


Pavan Meshram is a 20-something Freelance Television Writer-Producer & Traveler based in Mumbai, India. A Travel Enthusiast, his desire is to explore new places, taste different cuisines and enter the Guinness Books for snoozing the alarm a record number of times!

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    1. Pavan Meshram Post author

      Hey thanks for the kind words! I have been blogging since quite sometime, but it is only recently that I got myself a personal domain and hosting. Taking it to the next level!:-)

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    I simply want to mention I’m very new to blogging and absolutely loved you’re blog. Most likely I’m going to bookmark your blog post . You certainly come with impressive articles and reviews. Appreciate it for revealing your webpage.

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